Bike got burned in Banglore – Who is responsible a                       Biker or a service provider??

Few images are turning up on facebook from last few hours.  A Banglore based bike lover Pratik Chhabria shared an incident on his facebook profile regarding his bike which caught fire during ride.
Incident shared by Pratik Chhabria-
So I had my Bajaj Pulsar 200NS serviced by DrivoJoy for the first and last time on April 1st, 2017. Let me state right here that I’ve been using my bike from 2013 and it had given me no major problems up to this point.
The mechanic arrived at my place and serviced my bike in about 2 hours. He seemed friendly and knowledgeable enough and recommended a different engine oil, blah, blah, blah.
The point is, the next day when I took my bike out, out of nowhere my engine caught fire at 12th Main Road signal in Indiranagar. This was at 9.30pm at night, so it could not have been a heating issue. Secondly, I was at a standstill at the signal when I noticed the flames.
Long story short, I helplessly watched my bike melt in front of me
When DrivoJoy contacted me asking me for feedback, I told the customer care executive what happened and he was dumbfounded. He could only send me the “We’re sorry you’re not happy with our service” BS template email.
I called them back and got in touch with the operations manager and he flat out refused to admit it could have been his mechanic’s fault that my bike got wrecked. He instead blamed it on some “engine fault”.
Now, I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but if my bike had an engine fault, I hadn’t noticed it for the last 4 years. And if it DID have some problem, shouldn’t his mechanic have caught it the previous day? I tried putting this point across and the operations manager just hung up on me and didn’t bother to call back.
No, this is definitely negligence on part of DrivoJoy and they don’t really give a rat’s a$$ about whether or not I burned up with my bike too. I got lucky, but had it been someone else under different circumstances, with a full tank of petrol, the damage to life and property could have been huge. I’m posting this here now to warn others about DrivoJoy.
You’re better off going to your local mechanic even if he’s not “certified” like DrivoJoy, because at least he’ll admit when he makes a mistake.
“So warn your friends and family about DrivoJoy. Share this with anyone who uses a two-wheeler so they know”

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